Facebook unintentionally shares user data with developers of infrequently used apps

In a blog post, Facebook has revealed that they discovered an issue where some developers were receiving user details even if the user did not use their apps for 90 days. Facebook has stated that they fixed the issue and will continue investigating to ensure no other guidelines have been violated.

The guideline was introduced in 2018 after the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out. Under it, apps that use a user’s Facebook ID to login, would stop having access to the user’s data if the app was not used in 90 days. However, Facebook spotted an issue where some developers continued to receive this data, even if the user had not been active on the app for more than 90 days.

The data that was shared included information like a user’s birthday, language, gender, etc. Facebook revealed an estimated number of 5000 developers had been receiving this data due to the “issue”. Facebook did not, however, reveal how long the issue had been present nor did they reveal how many users were affected.