Google adds Bedtime tools to Digital Wellbeing, Clock app, YouTube and Family Link

In the last two months, Google has noticed a spike in searches related to “insomnia” and “can’t sleep” and this has prompted them to introduce a few tools to help users better use their smartphones to improve sleeping habits. These tools include a Bedtime feature for Digital Wellbeing, a Bedtime tab for the Clock app, reminders in YouTube and more.

In Digital Wellbeing, Bedtime mode will automatically use Do Not Disturb to silence notifications, calls, and texts. The phone’s screen will turn to grey scale during the Bedtime schedule, which can be configured by the user. There is also an option to pause Bedtime and a quick access setting to turn it on/off in the Quick Settings panel.

Earlier today, Google announced a new Bedtime tab in the Clock app as part of their Pixel Feature Drop. This feature will also be coming to the Google Clock app on all Android phones. Users will be able to set daily sleep and wake times, receive a reminder before bedtime, option to play calming sounds from Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music, and wake up gently to the Sunrise Alarm.

To help limit YouTube usage during bedtime hours, the YouTube app is also getting the ability to notify the user with a reminder of their bedtime. It can be configured to show at bedtime or after the video completes. Lastly, Family Link will now allow parents set bedtime schedules for their children, during which time the child’s device will remain locked.

These updates is available to all Android users with Digital Wellbeing and will start rolling out from today