Google testing sleep tracking feature, night notes and more for Digital Wellbeing

Google has been steadily adding new functionalities to Digital Wellbeing ever since it was launched back in 2018. In the latest beta v1.0.312292882 update, Google is testing a few new features like sleep tracking, Daily Device Usage toggle, night notes and more.

A major feature that was spotted in the Digital Wellbeing beta app was that sleep tracking functionality. Sleep tracking information is a feature found on many activity trackers and smartwatches, and now Google might bring it to Digital Wellbeing. It will require permissions to access daily app usage, motion and light sensor data during your scheduled bedtimes, and time zone history.

With these permissions, Digital Wellbeing will be able to provide information like how long the user spent in bed, how long the user were on their phone while in bed (and how long they spent without it), and when their bedtime started and ended. Turning off sleep tracking will delete all data that was collected till then.

The second feature is a toggle for Daily Device Usage in the “Manage your data” menu. Turning this on will let Digital Wellbeing collect data like device unlocks, notifications received, and app usage. With this data, Digital Wellbeing will try to show the user insights into their phone usage habits.

There were a few other features spotted in the beta update. Night Notes lets users take a quick note right before sleeping and show the notes the next morning, if any. Work Profile users will soon be able to see their screen time use for work apps and Google also might be testing ways to share Digital Wellbeing data with other apps via an API.