Bluetooth pairing with wireless earbuds to get easier on Android with Fast Pair

The age of wireless earbuds and accessories is upon us and the convenience and stability of Bluetooth connections has become ever more important. Pairing Bluetooth wireless earbuds can sometime be a painful process and can often result in poor connectivity. To tackle this, Google introduced Fast Pair for Android phones (from Android 6.0+) and has added new capabilities to enhance the experience.

An important feature that Google is adding is the Find Device option that will first appear on the Google Pixel Buds. Losing wireless earbuds is extremely easy, so Google is adding the capability to ring either the left or right bud or both when the user has misplaced them, provided they are connected to the phone wirelessly of course. In a few months time, Google will add the option to check the earbuds last known location in the Find My Device app, if Location History is turned on.

The second feature that Google will be adding to Android is a small notification that will be shown to the user when the earbuds connect. Android will show a popup notification on the top with the battery level of each component (right bud, left bud, and the case itself if supported) and also when the components are low in charge.

And finally, to improve the user experience, Google is making changes to the Device details page in Android 10. Users will be able to the various adjust earbuds settings like Google Assistant, Find My Device and view the earbuds name.

At the moment only two devices support Android’s Fast Pair which are Harmon Kardon FLY and the recently released Google Pixel Buds. Google has stated that more devices with Fast Pair will be coming soon.