Google Search will now inform the user when the results are not great

It has become a reflex action for many of us to just search Google for something we need to find online, and more often than not Search will deliver. However there are those few times when our search term is not the best path to getting the answer or there may not be an answer at all. To help in these situations, Google has updated Search to show a message to let the user know.

If Search detects that it could not find good enough results for the particular search term(s), Google will now show a message “It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search”. This will help users quickly know that their search term was not ideal, so that they can choose to not waste any more term surfing the results.

Users can still browse through the search results if they wish to and Google will provide some alternative searches as well as tips on how to better reformulate the query to find the information the user needs. Google is confident that this message won’t show up too often, with their search algorithm being so good. However, when it does happen, they hope it can save the user a bit of time.