Twitter for Android customisable timeline with pinned lists rolling out widely

When you begin to follow a multitude of accounts on twitter, it can start to become a little overwhelming with many topics. In June of 2019, Twitter began testing a feature called Lists on their mobile app that allowed users to split their timeline with different pinned lists. The feature has been in iOS for a quite a while, and now Twitter has announced wide-rollout for Android users too.

Twitter initially added the ability to create lists of your favourite topics that help organise a user’s various account that they follow based on interests. Twitter later added the ability to pin your top lists, so they can be accessed quickly. In September 2019, iOS users could see their pinned lists right in their timelines, appearing as tabs that could easily be accessed via a swipe.

Yesterday Twitter announced that the feature is coming out of beta for Android and is rolling it out widely to all stable users. To enable it, users must swipe right on their timeline to bring up the menu. Click on lists and the icon to pin each list will on the right of each one. Once pinned, users will see tabs for each list in their home timeline page.

The Twitter app is available for both iOS and Android users via the App Store and Play Store respectively.