Google Search update now makes it easier to find previously searched topics

Google search has now been updated to be able to find previous searches easier when needed later. Collections was introduced by Google as a way to group search results when searching a particular topic. It has now been updated with Suggested Collections, the ability to search related collections and the ability to share collections.

The first change coming to collections is called Suggested Collections. It uses techniques of AI to automatically groups similar pages you’ve visited from Search related to activities like cooking, shopping and hobbies. The grouped pages can be then saved in case the user wants to access them later. Once saved they will be present on the new Collections tab in the Google App.

The second update lets users find more related content for a particular collections. Based on what the user has saved, they will see related content behind the “Find More” button within a collection all curated automatically by Google.

The third feature is meant for working in collaboration with others. Once a collection is created, the user can share it with their friends who can then add ideas and searches to it. There will also be an option to make the collection back to private if the users wishes to do so.

Google is rolling out the ability to share and collaborate collections this week and the ability to see related content will launch in the coming weeks. Suggested Collections will roll out first to U.S. English users this week with more regions and languages coming soon.