Google Advanced Protection Program now lets you signup just using phone without backup key, adds support for iOS security keys

Last year, Google built-in advanced security keys into Android phones as a part of its Advanced Protection Program. The program consisted of Google’s strongest security protections against the constantly evolving phishing attacks. Now, Google has announced that they are supporting iPhone users with these advanced security keys.

The Advanced Protection Program was a program designed to protect high risk personals — journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams for phishing attacks that seek their personal account data. An important feature of this program is the Advanced Security keys that use public-key cryptography to verify your identity and URL of the login page.

Previously users would require to purchase physical security keys and carried with them at all times. With the launch of Android 7.0, Google began building in these security keys straight into user’s android phones, simplifying the process. For iPhone users, Google has now launched a Smart Lock app on the App Store that can be used as a physical security key.

To get started with the Advanced Security Program, Google has outlined a few steps:

  • Activate your phone’s security key (Android 7+ or iOS 10+)
  • Enroll in the Advanced Protection Program
  • When signing in to your Google Account, make sure Bluetooth is turned on your phone and the device you’re signing in on.

iPhone users can check out the new Google Smart Lock App here on the App Store. Google also recommends that users keep a backup security key in case their phone is unavailable at the time of login. During these times of constant data leaks from companies and increasing phishing attacks, it is great that Google is providing more secure protection methods for users who have sensitive information online.

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