Google rolls out ‘search app and browser options’ to Android users in Europe

With few changes made on licensing to comply with the European Commission’s ruling last year, Google has started rolling out new screens to Android users in Europe with an option to download search apps and browsers.

According to the company, These new screens will be displayed the first time a user opens Google Play after receiving an upcoming update. In this case, users will get two screens — one for search apps and another for browsers, each containing a total of five apps, including any that are already installed.

Furthermore, the apps that are not already installed on the device will be included based on their popularity and shown in random order. Users can tap to install as many apps as they want.

If an additional search app or browser is installed, the user will be shown an additional screen with instructions on how to set up the new app (e.g., placing app icons and widgets or setting defaults).

The screens are rolling out over the next few weeks and will apply to both existing and new Android phones in Europe. These changes are being made in response to feedback from the European Commission.