Apple Acquires UK-based digital marketing startup DataTiger


Apple has acquired U.K.-based digital marketing startup DataTiger in a move that could boost the company’s digital marketing and make it relevant. A regulatory filing in December shows that Apple now controls Operatedata Ltd., the legal name of DataTiger.

Apple currently uses several forms of digital marketing, including emails to tout new products and push notifications to encourage users to subscribe to services like Apple Music and more. Apple has acquired several companies in recent times including Shazam music-recognition app, the Texture magazine subscription service, and Akonia Holographics, which makes technology for augmented-reality glasses.

DataTiger, U.K.-based startup says that its technology can “optimize the marketing journey” of customers by using data to more accurately send materials to consumers as well as push notifications. DataTiger Chief Executive Officer Philipp Mohr said his firm wants to “bring the stale era of ‘email-list thinking’ and slow, campaign-based marketing to an end.”