Instagram said to be working on ‘Main Account’ feature to manage multiple logins easier

Facebook is said to be working on bringing Instagram login as an option while logging in with apps and websites. Instagram has prototyped the “Main Account” feature that would let users set one of their profiles as a primary account and then link their other accounts to it. Logging into the main account would instantly log them into the rest, as well.

This eliminates the need for remembering multiple email/username and password combo. A simpler login could get people switching accounts, posting and engaging more with Instagram. Account linking could also power up Instagram’s existing login platform. As it stands currently, third-party apps use it to let you compose feed posts and Stories and then share them to Instagram. But the company is working on potentially expanding the login platform that gives you a profile on other apps similar to Facebook Login

This will work better if you could log in through your main Instagram account and then choose which profile you wanted to use. The code to this upcoming feature is present in the alpha version of the Android app. It explains “Quickly and securely log in to all of your Instagram accounts with one ID and password. Make one of your accounts your main account and use it to log in to all of your other accounts at once . . . Your accounts will remain separate but logging in will be fast and simple . . . Anyone who has the password for your main account will have access to the accounts connected to it.”

Login through Facebook help grows its user base as it stands as an alternative to having to create a new account for every service. Many users who’ve stopped heavily posting to or reading Facebook still maintain a connection with the social network because they rely on it to log in to services. For now, there’s no deadline as to when the feature might become official, but if the company is indeed serious about the login, we might hear more in the days to come.