LG patents hint at a smartwatch with built-in camera

WIPO and USPTO published a patent of an LG smartwatch and method for controlling same on December 20, 2018. The patent hints at a smartwatch with a camera in the watch band. It is necessary to move the camera to get a clean photograph which is easy with a smartphone, but it’s a bit difficult on a wrist.

For this exact reason, the camera is configured in such a way that it can be photographed in the direction of the object. The watch band can slide into the watch case, causing the camera to move towards the watch case. Alternatively, the camera itself may move on the watch band or the camera may be implemented in a loose link that users can swap with another link.

LG Watch

Additionally, LG may develop a clip that can easily be attached to the watchband. The patent also describes that LG’s smartwatch can recognize faces. Once you make a picture of a person, the camera will be able to make a cut-out of the face. The camera can also be used to know more information about a product; meaning take a picture and give a long-press on the display and the watch will display information for the same.

LG Watch-1

In addition, users can take a picture of a pattern print. This print can be used to create watch faces. The camera also enables users to scan a barcode or QR code, after which information will appear on the display of the smartwatch. It is known that brands usually file for patents that may or may not become reality, so unless LG makes anything official, we’re not sure about the future of this particular patent.

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