Google silently bumps Live album limit in Photos to 20,000

Google Photos

Google which announced Live Albums in early October this year offers Google Photos users an easy way to create albums that automatically add new photos of specific people and pets. However, the limit was 10,000 on the private album which was considered too low; thankfully, Google has now raised the private album limit to match the shared album limit at 20,000 images.

Google has silently changed the limit, allowing Live Album to expand to over 11,000 photos. The new limit can now be found on Google’s support pages. Though 20,000 pictures and videos – or even 10,000 – might seem like a ridiculous number to some, it’s easy to collect thousands of images over time.

Once you create a Live Album, they all come flooding in, and with the limit of 20,000 photos, most users will no longer run into the storage issues.

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Author: Varun Krish

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