Mozilla Firefox gets Price Wise and Email Tabs in test pilot

Email TabsMozilla has announced Firefox Test Pilot for Price Wise and Email Tabs — the latest experimental features designed to give users more choice and transparency when shopping online. With Firefox Price Wise, you can add products to your Price Watcher list and get a desktop notification automatically every time the price drops.

Users can even click through directly from their list to purchase as soon as the price changes. The feature is currently only available in the U.S. and works with products from five major retailers; Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot. The company said that it is working to expand to more retailers in the future.

As for the Email Tabs feature, you can select and send links to one or many open tabs. To start, click the Email Tabs icon at the top the browser, select the tabs you want and decide how much of the content you want to send – just the links, a screenshot preview or full text and then hit send and it’ll automatically be sent to your Gmail inbox.

The Email Tabs also lets you copy multiple tabs to Clipboard for outside sharing. The feature only works with Gmail right now, but the company is working on adding more clients in the near future. This will be seamless if you’re logged into Gmail already, if not you can always log in once you’re prompted. The features are currently available in the test pilot, so no news about the official roll out.