Google said to be working on a subscription service called ‘Play Pass’

Google PlayStore

Google might be working on a new paid subscription service in Google Play which might be called “Play Pass.” Google hasn’t made any changes to PlayStore in the recent times and slightest of changes might take few months to roll out. Back in late June, there were reports about an in-development Play Store feature called “Play Pass.”

Forcing the feature flag to “true” didn’t show anything new in the Play Store, but decompiling the code showed that Play Pass had something to do with a subscription. However, today, a quick survey in the Google Opinion Rewards there was a question where the user is asked to imagine an “unnamed “app store” that “has a subscription to paid apps and games for a monthly fee.”

Google Play Pass

The question also asks the user to describe how well “Pass” describes the name for such a service. Since this survey corroborates to the findings in the Play Store app a few months back, it gives more evidence that Google is indeed working on a paid subscription service in Google Play.

Google usually sends surveys about new products or services in testing, as Google back in March of 2016, asked users about tasty foods that start with the letter “N.” One of the choices was “Nougat,” and it turns out Nougat is the marketing name for Android 7.1 and 7.0. Since it is early stages, we will update with more information as we receive it.