Samsung Favouring Windows Phone 7 Over Android

A few months ago in September, Samsung’s Mobile Marketing head YH Lee had stated that they favoured Android OS for the phones over the Windows Phone 7 and Bada platforms. But now things take a full turn as Samsung are now said to be favouring Windows Phone 7 over both Android and their own Bada OS.The news article states that Samsung intend to introduce 15-20 smart-phones next year including Windows Phone 7, Android and Bada. But for every 50 phones running Windows Phone 7 it will make 24 Android and 5 Bada smartphones.

That means Samsung will be making more than twice the amount of phones with WP7 as compared to Android.

This could be due to many factors. Many point out that it could be the potential of WP7 because Android seems to be working very well for Samsung and it would be foolish to take such a move if it resulted in worse figures.

Lets wait and see what happens.

via AsiaOne

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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