Facebook Lite for iOS with less bandwidth, device storage released in Turkey

Facebook Lite iOS

More than the iOS ecosystem, the app sizes is a big headache for iOS users as they weigh anywhere around 200-500MB and the update is almost equal to the original size. The Facebook app size is close to 500MB which takes a toll on those who are on limited data plans. To solve that issue, Facebook today has launched the Facebook Lite for iOS. 

Facebook Lite was originally intended for people in developing countries where mobile data can be unreliable. The app was previously available for Android in certain countries, including the United States. The Facebook Lite for iOS is around 16.3MB size and is said to use less battery, bandwidth, and device storage. However, you can’t download the app yet as it is just available in Turkey at the moment.

Facebook often launches the products in select countries and expands them worldwide gradually. Facebook launched the Facebook Lite for Android in 2015 and has over 100 million downloads in 2016. It launched for Android in the United States earlier this year. If you are an iOS user from Turkey, you can download the Facebook Lite from App Store here.