Gmail for Android gets ‘Confidential mode’

Google’s revamped Gmail has a brand-new feature “confidential mode’ that was limited to the desktop version up until now. Google today is rolling it to the Android app as well. Since it is a server-side roll out, you don’t even have to update the app. 

Emails sent through the confidential mode self-destruct after a given length of time. As for non-Google email accounts, the recipient will get a link to open the email in a secure web portal. For Gmail users, these emails appear in Gmail like other Emails.

To use the confidential mode, just compose the mail like you usually do, and at the top of the overflow menu, you will now see a new ‘Confidential Mode’ option. Once you select that, Gmail asks you to choose an expiration time and whether a pass code is required to open the message. Do note that you can’t alter the Confidential mode settings after sending the mail.