Amazon ‘Alexa Cast’ can stream music to Alexa speakers

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Amazon is introducing a new feature called ‘Alexa Cast’ which will let users control the songs or media that is playing on Alexa-enabled devices from their phone. However, it only works with Amazon Music app to control music playback at the moment. It might eventually bring the ability to control playback of music, movies, podcasts, and more. 

As you would expect, Alexa Cast only works with Alexa-enabled devices like Echo speakers, third-party Alexa products, and some of Amazon’s Fire devices. Once you are done updating, Amazon Music app on iOS and Android will include an icon for Alexa Cast on the Now Playing screen.

Once you tap on it, you will get a list of all Alexa-enabled devices that you use and select which one to start playing music on. Interestingly, the app will stay in sync with what’s playing on the speakers, so you can continue the playback on your phone even if you leave home. While the feature is nothing revolutionary, it brings convenience and adds a lot of sense. You can control music playback on an Alexa device by voice, or through a traditional Bluetooth setup.

Sahas Malhotra, Director, Amazon Prime Music India said:

Alexa Cast is set to make the music streaming experience for Prime members even simpler with its integration in Amazon Prime Music app and Alexa-enabled devices. We want to make sure our customers enjoy an uninterrupted music streaming wherever they go – from listening to music while driving your car or on your commute to entering your home, we want to make sure there’s no break in your listening experience. With a magical combination of Alexa voice controls and an ad free music streaming on the Prime Music app, we will continue to make your music listening experience easier, more natural and simpler.