Twitter introduces Ad Transparency Center for users to identify political campaigns

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Twitter last year had announced its intentions to offer transparency for all ads running on Twitter, with a specific emphasis on political advertising. Today the company is introducing the Ads Transparency Center, which allows anyone across the globe to view ads that have been served on Twitter. 

Much like the Search Experience on Twitter, you can view ads from any advertiser by simply searching for a specific handle and see the creative for all ad campaigns that have run within the last 7 days from that handle. However, if any ad is reported or taken down from the Twitter, it will be moved to the Ads Transparency Center within approximately 24 hours. If the account was suspended, Tweets will not be shown in the ATC.

As for the US the political advertisers that fall under the new Political Campaigning Policy, you will be able to see further details, including billing information, ad spend, and impression data per Tweet. Additionally, Twitter will also present you with demographic targeting data for the ads being served. The company is making it clear that who is advertising the US federal political campaign content on Twitter by including a visual badge and disclaimer information on promoted content from certified accounts.

Twitter says that everyone around the world will have access to the Ads Transparency Center and it doesn’t require you to login to Twitter. It will also be introducing a specific issue ads policy in the future, as well as enhancements to the Ads Transparency Center itself.