Facebook said to be working on ‘Your Time’ tool to manage time spent on app

Facebook Your Time

After Instagram, Facebook is now said to be working on ‘Your Time’ tool to manage the time spent on the Facebook app. The code is found lying underneath the Facebook Android app and it shows the total amount of time you spent on the Facebook app on your phone in the last seven days, and your average time spent per day.

Furthermore, the feature also lets you set a daily reminder that alerts you when you’ve reached your self-imposed limit, plus a shortcut to change your Facebook notification settings. Facebook confirmed the feature and said: “We’re always working on new ways to help make sure people’s time on Facebook is time well spent.” This feature would help Facebook users stay aware of how long they’re active on the app.

Tech giants like Apple, Google have already introduced their own screen time monitoring dashboards that will list out the time you spend using the phone and which apps are dominating your attention. These functionalities can alert you or lock you out of apps when you hit your time limit. Facebook-owned Instagram too confirmed the Usage Insights feature that will show users the “time spent”.

Facebook made changes to its News Feed algorithm that is designed to reduce the presence of low-quality but eye-catching viral videos. This change led to Facebook’s first-ever usage decline in North America in Q4 2017, with a loss of 700,000 daily active users in the region. This change also reduced roughly around 50 million hours of usage every day.