Instagram usage insights tool with reminders, priority notifications surface

Instagram Usage Insights

Instagram CEO Kevin recently confirmed that the company is working on a usage insights tool within the Instagram app. While the company is still perfecting the feature for the official roll out, the screenshots of the tool in action have now surfaced, thanks to Jane Manchun Wong’s APK digging skills. 


This unreleased feature will of Instagram will offer a daily tally of the time spent on the app. It also offers the ability to set a time spent daily limit and will throw a reminder once they exceed it. The feature will also let you manage Instagram’s notifications, so the app is less interruptive. The company is also testing a new hamburger button that opens a slide-out navigation menu on the profile; this might be where the usage insights show up.

To be clear, Instagram won’t lock down the app, since it might have an impact on business and advertisers, it will instead, offer a handy way to monitor your usage and make users more productive. Instagram has already started phasing out “You’re all caught up” notice when you’ve seen everything in your feed and should stop scrolling. This is an indirect use of usage insights behavior. If Instagram manages to push out the update in the coming days, it can be a role model of a kind for many other popular apps that might follow. Both iOS and Android have already started working on Health insights baked right within the OS.