T-Mobile launching myTouch 4G on November 3rd for $199

T-Mobile is working very hard to keep their smartphone line updated. T-Mobile recently announced the T-Mobile G2, which is a successor to the first Android device, the G1. T-Mobile is also bringing the HTC HD7 to USA. A few weeks ago, T-Mobile officially announced the T-Mobile myTouch, which is now re-named to myTouch 4G. T-Mobile has finally announced that they will officially launch the myTouch 4G on November 3rd with a price tag of $199.99. myTouch 4G is a successor to the whole myTouch family, and is for sure a very good phone. The phone features the Espresso UI, which is now known as myTouch UI. The myTouch 4G also features the fast 3 sec boot, just like we saw on the new Sense devices. T-Mobile is also launcing the LG Optimus T, Huawei Coment and Motorola Defy on November 3rd, so it means that November 3rd is a very big day for T-Mobile. So who’s looking forward to the new and improved myTouch?