Terminal app spotted in Chrome OS hints at future Linux application support


Back in February, commits to the Chromium codebase revealed that Chrome OS could soon run Linux applications using a container. Though it was possible to run Linux application in Chrome OS using the crouton, it only works in the developer’s mode. 

Google Chromebook Terminal

Perhaps the new Google’s solution might presumably work better and doesn’t require Dev Mode to be enabled. Today we see more evidence of this feature, and it appeared in the Chrome OS Dev channel. According to Reddit users, a new Terminal app has been added to the app drawer, and clicking it opens a dialog explaining the feature. This feature is very much identical to the concept posted to the Chromium Gerrit in February.

Google Chromebook Terminal-1

However, the when trying to install the terminal app, it returns an error which indicates that the feature is not functional yet. But it is very interesting to see Linux app support come together, but we need to wait for some more time before the feature goes official.

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