Google Assistant to get support for 30 languages, location-based reminders and more

google assistant

Google ahead of the MWC 2018 is making some major announcements to its products including the ARCore, Lens, RCS Message and now it is the Assistant. The company says that it is aiming to improve Assistant with some key features like more than 30 languages support, multilingual support, location-based reminders, Routines and more throughout the year. 

After teasing with Android One and Go phones that are coming at MWC in a couple of days, Google today mentioned that by the end of this year Assistant will be available in more than 30 languages, reaching 95% of all eligible Android phones worldwide. In the next few weeks, Assistant will be available in Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai on Android phones and iPhones.

Furthermore, it also said that it is making the Assistant multilingual later this year, so families or individuals that speak more than one language can speak naturally to the Assistant. This move is to make Assistant understand you in multiple languages fluently. Multilingual support will first be available in English, French, and German and more languages to join soon.

Next up is the expansion of Assistant capabilities by allowing it to perform various actions on the phone and inside your apps. Google is said to close work with OEMs for better Assistant integration, and the three OEMs in the initial batch are Sony, Xiaomi, and LG (which is already mentioned an upgraded V30 model with better voice integration).

Google is also teaming up with carriers to let them offer you better customer insights and control over their services like helping people learn more about their plan, add new services, get customer support and more. In the coming weeks, Assistant in the USA be able to help you in six routines including your morning, commutes to and from work, and evening at home. Lastly, you will soon be able to set reminders based on a location with the Assistant on your phone. The list of features coming to Assistant is fascinating, and we would like to see what more the Assistant can do in the future.