Twitter is shutting down Twitter for Mac app, support ends in 30 days


Twitter today announced that it will be ending support for its Mac application in the next 30 days in favor of the web client. The app will no longer be available to download from today. The company suggests users use the web client to get the full experience.

The Twitter app for Mac which was once very popular when it was originally dubbed “Tweetie” is now been lying around for quite some time with no updates or additions. Third-party clients like  Tweetbot or Twitterific have taken over the MacOS. This also goes to indicate that Mac App store itself is a failure where most apps mimic popular websites and lack the punch.


On the other hand, there are also rumors that Twitter is working along with Apple under NDA to bring its iOS app onto the Mac platform, this news indeed gained some traction on social media over the past few weeks.

Whatever it is, the Twitter app for Mac has just 30 days to live, post which it is only the web client for Mac users. With the Twitter app just lying there no major changes and updates, users have already migrated to a better third-party app client.