Instagram is testing screenshot alerts for stories


Instagram along with re-share feature is now said to be testing screenshot alerts of stories of others. With this new feature, Instagram will now show users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. Since it is a testing, it is only limited to selected users, and they are getting a warning that the user who posted the story will be notified the next time a screenshot is taken.

Instagram Screenshot

Users who are a part of this testing can see who took screenshots of their stories from the list of story viewers and will also see a new camera shutter logo next to anyone who took a screenshot of their photo. To be clear, Instagram will not show a dedicated notification; rather it will only show up in their list of story viewers.

Instagram’s idea of implementing this feature is to see how impactful it is on the user engagement. There’s also a risk of Stories losing its audience if users aren’t able to take screenshots without notifying the creator. Instagram currently shows screenshots of direct message conservation, and if everything turns out how Instagram expected, we might soon see this in action.

Instagram Screenshot alertHowever, there’s also a workaround for the screenshots alerts, according to few users, putting the phone in flight mode before taking the screenshot won’t trigger Instagram’s warnings. Alternatively, you can also resort to Story Reposter to pull off the same trick.