Nose Zone and Rainbrow games for iPhone X use TrueDepth sensor for controls

Rainbrow and Nose Zone

Developers have started taking advantage of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensor to design games and we now already have two games on the list; Nose Zone & Rainbrow. These games combine data from the iPhone X’s TrueDepth sensor with the ARKit framework and APIs to detect facial motions. 

The games detect your “eye blink percentage” or “mouth close percentage” and that is how the games are controlled and played. Rainbrow from Nathan Gitter, an iOS designer, and developer typically works on your eyebrow gestures, you can control the game by raising and lowering your eyebrows which makes the character move up and down to dodge obstacles.

Second in the list is the Nose Zone from Dwyser company and in this game, you need to use your nose as a controller to destroy incoming targets. Both these games are pretty cool and take good advantage of the TrueDepth camera for controls.

Nose Zone and Rainbrow are free of cost and can be downloaded right from the App Store.