Google rolls out ‘Hey Google’ hotword to more phones

google assistant

‘OK Google’ is a very popular hotword that we use to communicate with Google Search app and Assistant as well recently. While it’s a hotword that we have become familiar with, it has quite aged now. With the launch of Home speaker, Google introduced ‘Hey Google’ hotword along with the old phrase and this new hotword is now finding its way to phones as well. 

Back in October, Google started testing the “Hey Google” hotword on a handful of phones, but now it started rolling to more phones. A notification asking users to re-setup the Google voice started popping up on more phones since the past couple of days which enabled the “Hey Google” hotword to trigger Assistant on supported phones.

Hey Google

You can also set up the voice Settings > Google > Search > Voice. We have already received the notification from the Google app to set up, so the update has begun reaching out to more phones.