Google permanently turns off top touch functionality on Home Mini

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Google recently temporarily disabled the top button of the Home Mini post few reports from various sources which claimed that their Home mini speaker automatically starts listening at random occasions and sending the recording to the Google servers. While, Google’s initial plan was to temporarily disable the button, as it works on an update that can fix the issue, but today, in contrast, the company has decided to permanently turn off the top button.

Not just the single tap, the button itself is now being completely disabled. Previously the single tap used to play/pause, stop an alarm or timer. However, the volume buttons are still functional. Even though this issue is being reported from the initial batch of Mini speaker, it looks like Google isn’t taking any chance when users privacy is at stake. Smart speakers and products with similar functionalities have very less reach among buyers due to the privacy concerns and widespread of such issues will only cause more damage.

Users of the home mini speaker can still trigger the speaker by saying Ok Google” or “Hey Google” instead of pressing and holding the top of Mini to start a request. The company says that the update which will disable the top touch functionality will be rolled out by the end of October 15th. If there is any further issue with the Home Mini, users can get it touch with Google and get a replacement of the same.

Talking about the same, Google, said:

We’ve decided to permanently remove all top touch functionality on Google Home Mini. We made this decision to avoid any confusion and give you complete peace of mind while using your Mini. The update will be completely rolled out by end of day October 15, 2017.

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