Turn your iPhone 4 into a Dual SIM Phone !

There is a cool new accessory for the iPhone 4 from the folks at usbfever. They have launched a Dual SIM Adapter for the iPhone 4 which lets you switch between two SIM cards on the device. The best part is that the adapter accepts normal SIMs , so you don’t have to use microSIMs. It works with the SIM Toolkit menu on the device and you don’t have to even reboot the phone to get it working. It works only with the iPhone 4 on firmwares 4.00,4.01,and 4.02 .The Adapter comes with a case which stores the SIMs. It does not look too attractive and there’s no dual standby support but seems like it does the basic job very well !

It costs $28.99

via : Gear Diary Source: USB Fever

Author: Varun Krish

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