8MP Nokia CameraPhone Already Exists

Ever since the Samsung Innov8 was announced, everyone has been shouting at Nokia to release an Nseries equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, but as it turns out, they sort of already have manufactured one. But don’t get your credit card ready, because it’s not exactly what you expect it to be: it’s wooden.

Yes, apparently the handset is a concept by Nokia’s ecological department, and boosts the least possible amount of metal and environment-unfriendly elements. It’s made of a wooden exterior, features that 8MP camera that we’re all aching for, as well as a speaker and bluetooth. It also runs on S60 3rd edition apparently, though it seems to have the date displayed on top. It also looks quite bulky, but we aren’t going to argue about its volume since it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll see it in shops. Though we would really love to lay our hands on one, just to see if that wooden exterior trumps the metallic finish of the E66 in sturdiness and style.

Via Nokia Users