BlackBerry Passport caught on video with Android onboard

BlackBerry Passport Android

We all know that BlackBerry has a new smartphone incoming that will incorporate features like a slide out keyboard and Android as it’s operating system.  Fresh rumors suggest that the BlackBerry Passport might be getting the same treatment. A new video has surfaced that showcases the ultra wide handset running a build of Android. 

The video embedded above shows a build of Android Lollipop on the BlackBerry smartphone, the Venice is expected to offer a similar software experience. The video reaffirms the rumors and earlier leaks that the build of Android onboard BlackBerry’s phones will offer tight integration with the company’s services and BB10 specific features. The biggest addition seems to be the presence of the BlackBerry Hub that serves as a single point access to view notifications from all your applications. We’ve already got Messenger on the platform and it is believed that some of the other applications like Contacts and Calendar might make their way to Android as well. The level of polish and the quality of the video certainly seems to lend credence to the authenticity of the clip though as always, we’d recommend that you take it with a pinch of salt.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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