Apple Watch sales slowed down dramatically in June post launch frenzy

Apple Watch Sport_fonearena-10

Apple has never failed to work its magic on consumers. With pre-orders at an all time high, the company managed to ship a few million units of the wearable. However all good things must come to an end and it seems that interest in the luxury smartwatch might not be as high as expected.

Data published by research firm Slice Intelligence states that sales have slowed significantly post the fulfillment of pre-order commitments. As reviews and customer opinion begin to spread around, the general consensus appears to be that the wearable doesn’t fill any specific need despite being very well designed. The research firm states that Apple is selling fewer than 20,000 watches daily and this number has on occasion dropped down to lower than 10,000 units. The numbers are for the United States only and does not factor in data for other markets. The report also claims that two thirds of Apple Watch sales are for the entry level Sport model. Cupertino has not revealed any sales data for the Watch and any relevant information regarding the number will be hard to discern as the Watch will be bundled in with the iPod, Apple TV, Beats Electronics when Apple publishes its quarterly results later this month. If true, it appears that Apple hasn’t really solved the biggest problem with smart watches which is to provide a compelling use case for them.

[Via – MarketWatch]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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