Google Maps will now notify you if your destination will be closed upon arrival


Driving over to a restaurant or any other place just to find out that it is closed is one of the most annoying things that happens to us. Even if you know the timings of a place by heart, you could forget about it and still head over to the place. Now Google Maps has added a new feature which will tell you whether your destination will still be open or not by the time you get there.

Google Maps now stores information regarding the operating hours of a restaurant or a shop or wherever it is you are planning to go. Once you enter your destination, a pop-up will appear that warns you that it might be cloing upon your time of arrival. It shows you the opening times and also the closing times of the restaurant.

By calculating the distance and the traffic, it will be able to guess the time of your arrival and suggests accordingly. You can hit cancel to end navigation and maybe set your new destination. Of course you can still choose to head over to the place if you feel that you can still make it in time or if your destination is just more of a rendezvous point where you don’t actually need to enter the premises.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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