Bug causes iOS devices to go into an endless boot cycle


A bug in iOS 8 allows other users to send apps that in some cases causes your iPhone or iPad to go into an endless boot cycle. This flaw was demonstrated by researches working for Skycure, who demoed the attack on Tuesday.

The exploit uses a specially designed SSL (secure sockets layer) over a regular Wi-Fi connection to do so. This then creates an encrypted communication and causes any app connected over the Wi-Fi connection to crash endlessly. This issue is apparently only present in Apples iOS 8.


Because the device is on a constant reboot cycle, users will not be able to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network even if they know that’s what is causing the issue. The researchers at Skycure stated that this can be combined with another exploit that forces iOS devices to connect to rogue networks in order to create a “No iOS Zone”. THis will lure all iOS devices to the network and send them on an endless crash cycle and there’s nothing much that can be done if you are within the range of the Wi-Fi network.

Skycure states that until there’s a patch for the issue, users should use iOS 8.3 as it fixes some of the issues and to keep Wi-Fi off until its necessary to use it.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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