Vodafone Ireland introduces 4G Roaming across 33 countries


Vodafone Ireland has followed in the footsteps of its UK counterpart by introducing a new 4G Roaming offer that allows it customers to use their handset with superfast data whilst roaming in 33 countries around the world. For a single daily charge, consumers can use their inclusive Ireland allowances whilst roaming overseas with the daily cost varying depending on the country visited.

The network said that 4G Roaming would be available to all users who have opted into the RED Roaming bundle which comes with 200MB data included in the daily rate. The daily cost of RED Roaming depends on the country you’re roaming in with roaming in the UK costing €1.99 and rising to €2.99 in Europe. For those visiting further afield, roaming in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey also costs €2.99 per day whilst visiting South Africa, China or India.

Marcel de Groot, Consumer Director at Vodafone Ireland, said:

“Vodafone 4G is already available to over 80pc of people in Ireland so it is excellent news that this superfast mobile experience has been extended abroad and includes our customers’ top five favourite destinations: UK, Spain, France, USA and Portugal.

We hope customers have an enjoyable mobile experience when travelling for business or to visit family and friends during the festive season.”

Vodafone Ireland follows its UK counterpart who recently expanded its 4G roaming offer to 40 countries around the world but charges significantly more. For example, roaming on Vodafone UK in Europe costs £3 per day and £5 per day outside Europe and for those visiting the USA, the cost of using Vodafone UK is more than 40% higher than Vodafone Ireland (£5/day vs €2.99/day).

Author: Nirave

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