Google rolls out new standalone email app “Inbox”

Google has introduced Inbox, a new email app that is touted as an alternative and not a replacement to Gmail. Available on Android, iOS and the Web, main aim of the app is to sort and organize emails.


Inbox app has a feature called as Bundles” that groups emails by category this means that all emails related to one topic like bank details, fllights etc are neatly grouped together so that you can quickly review and then dismiss by swiping away. Moving on, the app includes “Highlights,” which makes it easier to find important emails. Another feature on the App is “Assists” that integrates real-time updates from the Web directly into email. If you make a restaurant reservation online, Inbox adds a map to your confirmation email and if you book a flight online, it gives a link to check-in.

Users can create Reminders that will alert them about various tasks and Snooze will let you dismiss both messages and Reminders temporarily. The app is therefore touted as a mixed between Mailbox and Google Now. The service will be available on the Web (Chrome only), iOS 7+ and Android 4.1+. Versions for tablets and other modern browsers are also in the works.


The new Inbox app is available to a limited user group only, and will be expanding its user pool via an invite system where the new Inbox users can invite their friends. Google also said that interested users can send an email to to receive an invitation.

Author: Sneha Bokil

Sneha Bokil is a tech enthusiast and is currently using OnePlus 3T but she still treasures her Nokia N70 (M). You can follow her on Twitter @snehabokil and on Google+