Presenting the Pomegranate Phone

Presenting the Pomegranate phone which was some great features like a Coffee Brewer and a Global Voice Translator.

It also has a Shaver , Harmonica and a Projector.

Although the phone looks attractive and looks a tad similar to the Moto Aura, its just a designers creation and you can’t buy one.

This campaign was created in 2008 and was part of a $300,000 ad campaign by NovaScotia

Although some aspects of the phone make us laugh today, tomorrow we might see some great new features on our phones.

For instance Projectors , Wireless Charging are actually going to go mainstream in the coming years and we have seen some samples already.

And for those who have already seen the video the phone , we agree this is quite old stuff so what do you think will be the feature to crave for in a smart phone in the coming years ?

Thx Haritha for the tip !

Author: Varun Krish

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