Signature-Secret Notes & Photos app for iPhone keeps your notes and photos private

Singature-Secret Notes & Photos for iPhone

Signature-Secret Notes & Photos is an iPhone app that lets you hide your private notes and photos on your phone. You can set and access your private notes and photos by drawing your secret signature on the screen. No password prompts or buttons that would give away the existence of your secret area.

Features of Signature-Secret Notes & Photos for iPhone

  • Signature matching based on the shape, direction and relative speed of the signature for better security.
  • Multi-Segmented Signature.
  • User customizable matching accuracy for the signature.
  • Enter your secret area by drawing your secret signature anywhere in the public area.
  • When you switch to another app or exit you always re-enter in your public area
  • Search and rearrange notes. Quickly flick between notes. Detects phone numbers, web links, email addresses, physical addresses and dates.
  • Import multiple photos from your library or take photos with the camera.
  • Export to library, email, copy.
  • Option to view the finger trail as an overlay on the entire app.
  • Option to ask for a passcode on start-up, which is much helpful when you forget your secret signature

Download Signature-Secret Notes & Photos for iPhone from the Apple iTunes Store for free. You can also buy the Signature-Secret Notes & Photos Unlimited for Rs. 110 / US$ 1.99 that lets you store unlimited private notes and private pictures instead of just 3 in the free version.

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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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