Nokia C3 Firmware Updated To Version 07.20

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for its entry-level QWERTY phone, the Nokia C3. The latest version is numbered 07.20 and it brings general performance and usability improvements.

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nokia c3

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for its entry-level QWERTY phone, the Nokia C3. The latest version is numbered 07.20 and it brings general performance and usability improvements. Check out the complete changelog below.


  • Improved Facebook functionality
  • Updated country and region maps
  • In-device user guide
  • Performance Improvement

To get this software through your device, type in *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager. Select Options & Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Alternatively, this software release is also available through the Nokia Software Updater (NSU).

It is advised to backup all you data before updating the device, just to make sure that no important files are lost during the installation. This firmware update may not be available for all product codes. You may have to wait for few days or even for few weeks before this update is available in your region. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots, please share with us.

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Author: Omkar Dutta

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  • Mufaddal Maskawala


    the article says that Nokia has come up with Firmware Update To Version 07.20.

    However i don’t think its true because when i checked my Nokia C3 for software update it told me that my fone is update with latest version of V 04.65

    • Vishnu

      Me too had this problem…..but when i checked 4 update for d second time ,it showed a new version

    • always use the mobile’s software update to keep ur mobile updates. Right now its v8.63

  • Maximus

    I updated to firmware 07.20 . It worked well . Improved performance.

  • Meeraj

    I have instralled 7.20 in my C3 its working very well !

    • chirag

      hey can u tell me how did u do it..?

    • charly

      hi can you please tell me how to install?? please.. just mail me! i appreciate youre help.. thanks

  • dj_sid

    i got my nokia c3 and installed 7.20 its working very smoothly…

  • I’ve updated my Nokia C-3 phone’s firmware to 7.20 but I am facing many problems with it. Previously I’ve google maps and some games installed on my Phone but after this (7.20) update they have stopped working. Nokia mail option is also not working-there is no notification of e-mail since this update.

    Also there is duplication of menu (Communities) on the Phone. These option is appearing twice on the phone. Is anyone have solution?


      please send me nokia c3 update file

    • Kannanmkb

      Hi shailesh whether we can downgrade back to previous version after updating to new version. If yes means how can we do

  • srikanth

    When i got c3 it was previous os version ( i donno the version number). Then I had the problem with mail. It was not getting connected. It said connection error. I have updated to 7.20. There is no change in the mail. It still gives me error message while connecting and the worst thing is that the apps which were working previously like communities and chat are not working 🙁 . Some times it is not getting connected to WIFI… Is there any solution

  • Ammar

    Can u tell me plz how did u update this?

    • Hank

      press menu settings phone phoneupdates downl.phonesoftware yes. just follow the sequence n you”ll have new software installed. Make sure yr edge (internet) connection is active on phone. No worries phone will will ask u if u want backup on memory card. try it.

  • healfian

    i’ve update my Nokia C-3 to 07.20 os. and it work.
    if you wanna update your phone. just download Nokia Software Update and install it to your PC. then you can update your C-3.

  • scheese magnate

    I have updated my nokia c3 last sunday but unfortunately, I can’t access my mail all of my games are unaccessible / application error.The communities icon doubled.. it is difficult to connect and wifi connection most of the time fails.

  • Ron-gie

    hi, i have updated my nokia c3 from v4.65 to v7.20, it does work but why is chat menu not working on my phone when i choose it?
    i need help please….

  • Nokia C3 with Frimware 7 to 7.2 is very troublesome.
    Many applications and games that used to be in use by both the frimware before, now can not be used. Example: application FACEBOOK. Please nokia attention to errors in these frimware.
    With reason:

    Facebook bookmark

    • Kannanmkb

      hi can u say me how u updated through pc suit or directly through air

    • Mac Mainkar

      im also facing same prob but ma version is 8.63 java application not working.. can u tell..what you do…plz tell me ..something..

    • Mihir_kacha

      you have to download games by ovi suite by opening ovi suite from your mobile…..if you download other games except on ovi suite thenyou dont get problems..

  • sandeep

    i have updated nokia c3 with version 7.20 but the games are not working. they give error that

    Facebook bookmark

  • Ankit Mathur

    i have updated nokia c3 with version 8.63 but my chat is not working, it shows application not found… can anyone plz suggest me a solution or provide a link to download ovi chat for c3.
    Ovi Store does not provide this applciation for C3 🙁

    • Zapped_smiley

      Just go to Messages – Chat and see if it’s working fine… If you are able to log in without problems.. just ignore the shortcut on the screen as its not anymore available in new version.. rather they have put in a better way to find if someone is pinging you… you will receive pop up right on the screen for your IM… hope this helps…

  • neel

    have updated to 8.63. Its amazing and working quite well.

  • preety

    how can we update ?

  • Patel_mohit

     i updated 8.63 app does not work come erro so pls help meeeeeee

  • Mendozamarioncarlo

    7.25 is better!