Dell Offering Venue Pro Exchange Programme to Employees

After Microsoft’s move of granting 89000 Windows Phone 7 devices to it’s employees, Dell seems to be following Microsoft’s path with the Venue Pro exchange programme.Dell is offering it’s employees the chance to get a free Venue Pro in exchange for their Blackberry’s. The move is to compete against Blackberry and Dell should also be offering similar packages with their Android powered smartphones soon.

The programme starts next week and it should enable the company to save upto 25% in mobile costs by cutting down on the amount it needs to pay for Blackberry servers.

via Slashgear

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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  • suyog

    I hope other companies will follow this and send BB packing.
    Really never understood why corporates pay so much for BB phones and services when you can get all that at fraction of cost.

    Dont say their Email is best, I have been in organisation where we see BB server issues frequently. As for Personal mails, IM , I must say BB experience is not upto mark when we see cost involved.