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Do you hate reinstalling all your favorite software’s after you switch devices or update your firmware? Tired of again downloading them to your computer hand then to your device or searching them in some hidden folder, well no more worries as we have just come up with the perfect answer.

Presenting the latest AutoInstaller v1.0 (A New Full Automatic Installer for S60). This new application that offers auto install functionality in a simpler and less buggy way.

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We all have gone through this in our lives when we change phones or get a new Firmware update on our cell which leaves us all blank to reinstall the whole lot of goodies we have had earlier.

So if you are one of those that prefer simple and convenient solutions and if you want to see the result immediately and not after few hours of annoying installing, here is something you have been looking for!

AutoInstaller is the new automatic applications installer with a simple and convenient interface that giving you freedom from such routine work as applications installation. AutoInstaller automatically starts the installation procedure, takes care of all necessary confirmation and pop-ups, like “Next”, “Agree”, and “Finish”.

Basically it will install all of your must have applications automatically, either on your just formatted phone or on a brand new “friends beast”, it’s ideal for rebuilding your systems quickly and will dramatically saves your time.

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How to use:

1. Copy all the applications to “E:ThinkChange”

2. Press “StartInstall” in the AutoInstaller application.

3. There will be a summary after the process is finished.

Another cool usage:

  • Share with your friend your favourite applications!
  • Install AutoSisInstaller to the memory card, and just plug your memory card into his device, all your favourite applications in the E:Basket folder will be automatically installed to his device

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks