Nokia Tablet in the works ? Booklet 3G successor

According to a new report by The Street Nokia is reportedly working on a Tablet computer. Nokia is reportedly working with hardware firms on a touch-screen tablet device . This information comes from Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar. While one might argue about the track record of Ashok Kumar as he has had got  lot of things right and lots wrong too .

The above image is of the Nokia Booklet 3G and this may soon become something like this if the rumours are true


Image credit : The Street

Nokia has declined to comment about this rumour.  But Tablets are not something new to Nokia. If you take a look at our N900 Review you can get a glimpse of the evolution of Nokia Internet Tablets.

What should be interesting is the platform Nokia chooses for it’s Tablet. It can be  Windows like the current Booklet 3G.  Meego which is joint collaboration between Intel and Nokia promised a lot of new devices and we can assume tablets are part of that list.

We all know the Booklet 3G successor is now due from Nokia and 2010 is gonna be the year of the Tablets . iPad has just been launched. HP and Microsoft are working on the Slate. Android tablets are expected soon including India’s very own Notion Ink Adam. All most all computer and phone makers might be releasing tablets in the coming years.

The iPad is priced at $499 and the HP slate is expected to be priced little higher than the iPad. This gives Nokia a chance to place a device in the sub $500 range ! What do you think about a tablet from Nokia ?

Hoping that the rumors are true.

What would you like on a Nokia Tablet  ? Symbian , Meego , Maemo , Linux or Windows ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • The more competition there is for the ipad the better it will be for the consumer. I foresee an explosion of these products for educational use, as e-texts have been stale when used on laptops, but on touchscreens like the ipad it’s a perfect fit.
    In terms of OS, I don’t care as long as it is intuitive and is reliable…

  • They should come with MeeGo else Mee really Go!!

  • Shollen

    Maemo meego..Any of dem..Both rocks

  • Zahid

    i thinck nokia should name the device tablet 3g which will sound like booklet 3g.os should be maemo or meego,windows will be much slower as compared to ipad’s os.
    Or if windows,a new edition of windows should be dedicated for tablets.
    Hope nokia makes something revolutionary now.