Yahoo News Digest now available for Android, adds International Edition


Yahoo News Digest, a product of its Summly acquisition, took form as an iOS app back in January, when it debuted as a beautiful news reader with many sources. The same app is now available for Android, and it looks almost exactly like its iOS counterpart, pixel to pixel, which is a good thing because we think the app is beautiful. However, you do get a really nice home screen widget that lets you browse the feed at a glance. Previously limited only to the US and the UK, the News Digest app goes global this time around with an International Edition and another country-focused Canadian edition. Users in US, UK and Canada will all get local editions along with the International edition, which in turn will be available for all the worldwide users.

Download Yahoo News Digest on Google Play

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Yahoo’s beautiful News Digest app for iOS is Summly, enhanced!


Yahoo’s mission for today’s CES 2014 keynote was literally this – simplifying daily habits. One of them, according to Marissa Mayer, CEO, was daily news and the way we consume it. It’s a total information overload, with multiple news sources reporting the same news, according to Yahoo, so to fix that, they have announced a new app for the iPhone, called the Yahoo News Digest. This is basically the result of the Summly acquisition that happened during March last year, because the resulting app is striking and beautiful, very much like Summly, the very unique news summarizing app that was. Nick, Summly’s founder who got acquired by Yahoo in the process, demoed the new app, based on the same principles of news collection and short summaries that made Summly popular, but this takes that concept further.


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