LG V10 Review


LG had quite a disappointing year in 2015 due to lackluster sales of the LG G4. The G4 was a brilliant smartphone in many ways but still failed to gain momentum owing to a few factors. The primary factor being the build quality and materials used. Samsung had to find out the hard way about how essential the build quality and premium feel is for handsets, especially flagships. LG too have learnt that by now and their new flagship, the G5 is an indication of the new direction they are heading in. But there was a handset that was released last year that received lesser attention than it should, the LG V10. On paper at least, the smartphone seemed to offer one of the most complete packages in the flagship category. In this review, we will be taking a look at the smartphone in detail and seeing whether or not all the impressive features and specifications actually impress us in real life too.

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