Lava Iris X1 Review

The battle for the entry range Android smartphone is well and truly on after Motorola started it by launching the Moto E for Rs. 6,999. It did not take long for the Indian manufacturers to “adapt” to the trend and soon we had a lot of value for money entry range smartphones and the Lava Iris X1 is one of them, probably the classiest looking of the lot. Lets check out what you get with the Lava Iris X1 for Rs. 7,999.

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Lava Iris X1 Unboxing

Lava Iris X1 is a mid-range Android smartphone that comes with above the price range specifications and shares its design language with one of the most premium smartphones in the market. Lava Iris X1 comes with a 4.5 inch FWVGA display, a quad-core processor from Broadcom and an iPhone-ish design language.

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