SkullCandy Chops Headphone Review

I love Music: melodies and lyrics speak to me on an emotional state, not a technical one. I’m not an audiophile in any way and you could spend hours explaining to me what Bass or Treble is but I’ll never care or even be able to notice them when listening to a song. One thing though that I do care about is a decent pair of earphones. I just want them to be super comfortable, durable, and to deliver good music to me. 3 years ago, I tried the Sennheiser CX series and I was immediately hooked: I knew I would never buy anything but in-ear headphones.

However, a few months ago, MobileFun proposed I review the SkullCandy Chops. They looked super cool with a nice behind the ear design, that I decided to give them a go and see if that design can work for me.

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