Boult Crown R and Crown R Pro Review

When I was given these two Boult smartwatches to be reviewed, I was quite puzzled that these supposedly ‘smart’ watches cost less than three thousand rupees and include hardware features that were once deemed costly. So, throughout my review period, I kept reminding myself of their price whenever I felt that things could have been better/different. So, with that in mind, let’s start? Continue reading “Boult Crown R and Crown R Pro Review”

Raspberry Pi 5 has faster CPU and GPU, up to 8GB RAM

A photograph of the Raspberry Pi 5 single board PC.
Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Foundation, the organization behind the highly popular single board computers, the Raspberry Pi series, has announced the latest update to the model, the Raspberry Pi 5. This is a direct sequel to the Raspberry Pi 4, which was launched back in June 2019. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi 5 has faster CPU and GPU, up to 8GB RAM”