Happy new Year 2008 – Win free recharge voucher

Fone Arena is growing bigger every day. We would like to wish all our users a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all your dreams come true in 2008. To Celebrate the New Year we are giving 10 Mobile Prepaid Recharge vouchers worth Rs.100 each. So you all have a chance to win Rs.1000 worth of prizes. To enter the contest. Please answer this question

What feature would you like to see in your mobile phone in 2008 ?

A valid answer would be something like : I want to watch live video on my mobile phone.

No spamming please.

10 random entries which really make sense will be picked as winners.

At this time only users in India are eligible. This contest closes on Friday Jan 4th 2007

So hurry up !

Update : Contest has closed and winners will be announced shortly. We just love our users. You have given such brilliant comments.

Hope these features you want are heard by the Handset manufacturers.

A Big Thanks to all the participants  !!

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

65 thoughts on “Happy new Year 2008 – Win free recharge voucher”

  1. I want mobile to have a feature a car so that i can travel in my mobile phone.. that will be called truly mobile.:D

  2. I want the following function in my mobile

    1. Excellent Camera
    2. Blue tooth
    3. GPRS
    4. Speaker Phone
    5. Live Video Recording
    6. Mail Facility
    7. Phone Book Facility
    8. SMS faciltiy with more words capacity
    9. More hours Standby facility
    11.Phone look should be superb & small which can be easily carry.
    12. I should have that function that if someone try to theif we should come to know immediately.
    13. Radio
    14. Memory card facility should be more.

  3. it should act as barcode detector in a shoppimg mall so u do not have to stand in long queues for paying bill

  4. I would want a two way radio feature in my mobile in 2008. something like two way radios. so whenever two phones with that feature are in range they can be radioed free of cost using say bluetooth!

  5. Hi currently i am using Nokia 6030 So i want following features….
    1.a long battery life
    2.God music player
    3.Good video player
    4.A lot of memory
    5.A really cool internet surfing
    6.Cool sounds ,even in a Audi everyone hears when my phone rings

  6. i would like to have a mobile phone in which the features like T.V and 10 mega pixl still camera with larger memory capacity i.e near about 40gb with dural or with 3 sim cards etc.

  7. I would like to see the future mobile phones being loaded with featurues which can provide the user their whereabouts,cell phone will inform them the exact locations they are in…because presently maximum the cell phone can just show is the nearest service provider’s tower address. The facility that can track the user’s locations through the cell phone they are using….which can save people from being lost etc.

  8. 1. it should have built-in converter for MIDI, WAV, MP3 etc sounds.
    2.better gaming experience
    3.greater inuilt memory
    4.T.V in & out plug
    5.face recognizing password
    6.better application support

  9. I want my phone to be
    1)tell the way all the way to my destination(interactively)
    2)show the location of the person I am talking to
    3)bio-degradable or some way to recycle it

  10. I want to my cell phone to monitor,my heart rate,blood sugar pulse 24×7 & alert me of any abnormality

  11. In these fast trend we all need mobile . Now a days it must in our necessary so i think mobile have blutooth,wifi,10mega pixel camera,music player with i sound,gprs all the features r necessary in these fast trend,multimedia service that must in mobile.

  12. hi…

    this may sound silly but this feature may prove very handy for the housewife and for that matter… the house husband also…

    it should be able to weigh things… like vegetables [kg], milk [liters]…

    it just might be able to measure height…


  13. in 2008

    I expect mobile having option to calculate the call charge by itself instead of sending SMS for subscribers to get the unbilled amount.

    I also expect a map of the CITY where the subscriber is located.

  14. I want Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld(DVB-H). This is a very important for watching LIVE shows.
    A location tracker through which we can easily track the person calling with the Cell Info display of his mobile phone.
    It means if his phone Cell info display is Bandra East. In our mobile also it should appear.
    A Dolby and DTS enabled encoder and decoder and a virtual 5.1 environment for playing music.

    A 7-12 MP camera and DV recording enhanced video camera having Carl Zeiss Optics.

    A large TFT display for watching movies and videos.
    Smooth Video streaming for this my mobile should have a 3G connection(internet).

    The most important more than GB of memory and expandable to infinity.

    The processor and RAM should be very fast so that we don’t have to wait a long for opening a file.

    HOTSWAP Memory Interface.

    UMTS enabled.
    A VOIP pre-installed plug-in or JAVA applet or Software which is becoming the most important these days to make cheap calls.

    An ALL-IN-ONE compatible messenger.

    A theft tracking sysytem if our mobile gets lost.

    It should work as an alternate for a PC.

    These are the features that I want in 2008.

  15. Hi! I want a simple feature in the mobile and its scheduled messaging. Eg. If I enter an alarm someones birthdate in the schedule I should also be able to add a message in hat schedule so on the specified date the message that I have typed in while entering the date is automatically sent to that persons mobile phone. And I would also like the mobiles to be recharged by solar energy.

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